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Mad About Shooters Baby
Guide To Shotology

That's right, the boy's are at it again! After great success with our first guide "Keepin’ it Simple Baby- Guide to Mixology", we have decided to once again bring you the latest innovation in bartending guide design. Being bartenders ourselves, we realize that shooters are becoming so hot in the bartending industry that it's seemingly impossible to remember all the wild and whacky shots out there. To correct this problem we have come up with over 250 of the hottest shots made in the bars today. How many times have you had that customer asking: "what's good for a birthday shot?" or "gimme something stiff". Well now we are giving you the only resource you will ever need to keep them coming back for more. The shots are displayed in alphabetical order for quick reference and are categorized with our revolutionary rating system. Of course how could you forget our splash-proof design and handy pocket size. What more could you possibly ask for? Once again, enjoy!

Our Revolutionary State of the Art Shot Rating System

After years of extensive research on facial expressions, body language and the vocal responses of a ridiculously large amount of shot drinkers, we are proud to present our revolutionary shot rating system. This system allows you to decide what shot would most suitably match your customer needs. The infamous Shotologists Robby Waddell D.S. and Ryan Jonsson D.S. created the system and if for any reason you disagree with any of our ratings please do not hesitate to create your own (but we don't suggest it). Good luck!



Tutti Fruity (A.K.A -Foo Foo shot) - A tropical burst of fruit flavors usually not too strong (alcohol tasting that is) but effective all the same. These shots are perfect for winning over that gorgeous lady or sensitive man.


Dreamy N Creamy - A rich blend of liqueurs, very tasty, reasonably strong. Great after dinner shots or for those just looking for that pleasant warm feeling in their belly.


Mucho Macho - The ultimate statement in being 'hard' These shots are strong. Not for the faint of heart! Usually made for people who either want to look tough or want to see somebody else crumble.


Wild N Wacky - Will definitely brighten up a dreary bar room.. From Blow Jobs to Orgasms, Brain Tumors to Brain Hemorrhages, these shots are fun fun fun!